Ebooks ebook creation software 
Software for Multimedia CDROMs, Web sites, manuals, catalogues, hypertext creation 
The all in one tool for creating, protecting, packing e-books (both self-extracting EXE ebooks, .AEH ebooks, EPUB MOBI and OPF, suitable for the FREE EBooksReader, and for Kindle Kobo Nook iPad iPhone Android all smartphones Mac Linux etc.). Secure protection. One password, different passwords for different group of pages, multiple passwords for multiple users (while the ebook remains the same for everybody). 
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CD Front End 
Creating "autoplay" CDROMs; CD menus, CD presentations, brochures, autorun CD business cards, catalogues (with database / CSV import) file and document collections. Fine also for large ebooks on CD (can protect with passwords, add an expiry date, forbid printing and/or clipboard copy and image grabbing). Secure protection. 
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